School registration open for the 2018 Durham Regional Heritage Fair

We invite you to participate in this year’s Durham Regional Heritage Fair!  Join the students and schools that inquire into our Canadian heritage of discovery, geography, innovation and history.  What is a heritage fair and why would our school want to participate?

A Heritage Fair inquiry allows students to inquire into a person, place, event, innovation or discovery that has a historical significance and contribution to Canadian Heritage.  Students choose the topic they are interested in learning about.  Students will plan, gather evidence, make notes, interpret, analyze and learn about the significance of their topic to Canadian heritage.  Students will present their findings in a creative way at a school Heritage Fair.  Each school then chooses 5 to 6 representatives to attend the Regional Fair adjudication on April 30th and the Fair on May 1st.

Heritage Fair inquiries are great interdisciplinary learning opportunities, so sign up and join the many schools that have fun celebrating our wonderful heritage.

Please complete the School Registration Form to indicate your interest in having your school participate in this year’s Fair.

Student registration is open!

Student registration for the 2015-2016 Durham Regional Heritage Fair is now open. An email has been sent to registered schools with details, as well as the password required to access the form.

Please know that the all student registrations must be received via the online registration form by the end of the day on April 11. Thanks for your co-operation!

School registration is now open for the 2016 Durham Regional Heritage Fair

We are now accepting school registration for this year’s Durham Regional Heritage Fair.

As in previous years, schools are asked to run their own fairs during the months of February and March so that your top students can be registered in the Regional Fair, which will be hosted at the Education Centre.

We are asking that schools who will be running Fairs please register on the DRHF website no later than Friday, January 29. The registration form link is available on the School Registration page. Once registered, we will send more details regarding this year’s Fair.

The date for the DRHF Adjudication is Wednesday, April 27 beginning at 4 PM. The full day learning opportunity will be held the following day, Thursday, April 28. A reminder that a staff member will be required to attend with their students. Supply coverage is not provided by DRHF Committee nor the DDSB. Release must be covered by home schools.

Below, you will find a rubric which may assist in your assessment of your Heritage Fair submissions. This rubric is also used at the Regional Fair. Also find information on Creating a Great Heritage Fair Project from the Ontario Heritage Fairs Association:

Should you have any questions please contact members of the Durham Region Heritage Fair Committee.